About Body & Mind Coaching, Theta Healing

BODY&MIND COACHING is a holistic therapy, focusing on the whole body, mind and soul.  It involves mental training using visulization meditation and theta healing techniques.

THETA HEALING treatment uses the theta waves of the brain, helping us to reveal the schemas and memories of the subconscious.

My experiences in this field:

  • better communication (in family, with friends and colleges too)
  • assertive communication
  • harmonic relationships
  • get motivation
  • heal joints problem
  • treat skin disease (eczema, psoriasis)
  • treat sleeping problems (in general, at full moon, windy weather etc.)
  • treat digestion problems
  • cease claustrophobia
  • positive thinking, cease depression
  • calm the mind down
  • use our brain to create
  • reach our goals


For the BODY I recommend body ART and Spinetraing.


About body ART

body Art  concentrates on the harmony and balance of mind, body and soul. The training is the combination of both power and stretching exercises so as to improve your musculature, release stress and the body’s blockages. It aims to open up the energy flow inside your body through eliminating stress knots. As body Art combines elements of yoga and oriental techniques, it’s not only perfect for keeping your body in good shape, but also for reaching inner harmony.


Spine training

To prevent and heal back pain, blockages I offer you my personalized spine training. For strong back muscles and healthy spine come and see me!



Private body ART and spinetraing at XI. district

For appointment: parvypatricia@gmail.com


body ART in group- Monsoon yoga, II. Pasaréti út 49.

Thursday 5.30 pm, Saturday 10 am, Sunday 10am


body ART, spinetraing at companies- parvypatricia@gmail.com


Dear Clients! In case of cancellation within 24 hours, the whole amount have to paid. Thank you for your understanding!



For more events check the News! http://parvypatricia.com/aktualis/

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Patrícia Párvy,  Body&Mind Coach,  Body ART trainer